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Providing value in the definition, development and evaluation of projects.

"Specific problems are not solved with standard proposals"

Providing value in the definition, development and evaluation of projects, to determine the establishment of changes generated from the comparison between the current state and the planned state in its planning That is, to know if a project has managed to meet its objectives, the changes made in the planning or the capacity that it would possess to fulfill them.

In a project evaluation, information is always produced for decision-making, so it can also be considered as an orientation to improve the effectiveness of projects in relation to their purposes, in addition to promoting greater efficiency in the allocation of resources . In this sense, it should be noted that evaluation is not an end in itself, rather it is a means to optimize project management.



To provide practical value on the Management and Coordination of "Dual Vocational Training", providing experience and knowledge, acquired in person, in various projects with companies and students with their logistical and technical details.


Presenting and Moderating

Moderate and present intersectoral Networking Events, Congresses and Days. My job will be to manage the event, be the first to receive the questions, transferring them to the speaker, coordinating times and topics in general to be discussed.



On analysis and proposals for improvement in the management of Training for Employment and Continuous Training in: Public Bodies, Associations, Trade Unions, Corporations, Schools-Workshop and Training on the relationship between Company and Training Center.


Brand Ambassador

I recommend a company's product or service to other users on social media. Generally for the conviction and loyalty towards a brand. As an expert in the company's area of specialization.



The coach is an active observer. My job is to question, interrogate and look for the causes of a situation or state of mind, while avoiding drawing conclusions. Being the client himself who does it and through this dialectical process between the two parties.



Being a promoter of a brand, attracting the attention of a specific product or service on social networks, with my Personal Brand «ANTONI RUIZ». I can also promote a brand action or publicize an event in which I am invited.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”. Albert Einstein.

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