Finder of Professional Information and Guidance Points

04 Aug 2022

The search engine includes more than 2,000 points of professional information and guidance , gives a global view of their territorial distribution and allows you to…

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Map of professional training centers in Catalonia

02 Aug 2022

The map of centers is the interactive visualization of the database of professional training centers in Catalonia.  The Public Agency for Professional Training and Qualification of Catalonia…

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Is Professional Training fashionable?

15 Jul 2022
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More and more the labour market is demanding skilled technicians over university degrees. When I visit these summer days several institutes where secondary education,…

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Professional Competence Accreditation

08 Jul 2022

It is the opportunity to obtain official accreditation by demonstrating what the user is capable of doing, based on their professional experience or their…

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BAXI Mark Ambassador 

30 Jun 2022

I am very proud and honoured to start a new phase as the ambassador of the BAXI brand, the leading company in climate systems,…

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What is the value of an installer’s work?

20 Jun 2022

20 JUNE 2022 ANTONI RUIZ Published at “C of Electric Material” There is one issue that all professionals in the energy and fluid installations…

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BAXI takes a further step in the integration process of Hitecsa and Adisa by bringing together the 600 or so employees, in an internal session where future plans were shared

20 Jun 2022

. 200 employees in an eye-catch, gathered in the Ne.polis building in Vilanova and la Geltrú (Barcelona), and over 400 connected via streaming participated…

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The orientation of young people, an outstanding subject;

20 Jun 2022
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No one can escape the fact that, unfortunately, there are still many improvements to be made in the current education system to ensure accompaniment…

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How youth explore, experience and think about their future A new look at effective career guidance

26 Nov 2021

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“Dual Vocational Training improves academic performance and the probability of obtaining a degree.” 

27 Oct 2021

It is one of the conclusions that collects a report on the situation of the studies of Professional Training in Catalonia from administrative data…

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