Amador Valbuena: “we are at a key moment for the electrical material sector.” Rebranding of RETELEC with the MAXGE Europe brand

The month of June 2024 marks a before and after in the EU electrical equipment sector.

MAXGE has decided to establish itself in the European Union market, choosing Spain to establish its headquarters.

To this end, the firm has begun the process of integration into the assets of the Spanish firm RETELEC System, expanding the human and technical infrastructure it currently has.

The arrival of MAXGE Europe means a million-dollar investment expanding logistics and incorporating more human resources, product development, innovation, customer-oriented distributor and installer. An investment that will also involve the implementation in San Fernando de Henares of robotic production lines for differential switches, as well as other product families for the protection and control of electrical installations.

An ambitious complete implementation project in the European market, and rebranding of RETELEC with the MAXGE Europe brand that will begin in 2024, and that will demonstrate MAXGE’s capacity as a manufacturer that combines R&D with an automated, scalable production system and flexible, allowing you to respond quickly to evolving production demands. MAXGE Europe wants to redefine the standards of the production chains of the future, bringing flexible production closer to Europe and responding more agilely to product demands in the EU.

This competitive advantage of the multinational will be combined with the efficiency and agility of processes typical of the Spanish firm RETELEC, which will group the entire catalog under the same logo, customer service, after-sales, etc.

In the words of the CEO of MAXGE Europe, Amador Valbuena: “we are at a key moment for the electrical material sector: facing a future clearly marked by electrification, the arrival of a dynamic player like MAXGE Europe represents an essential opportunity to re-design electrical material, and give tools to the professional installer to turn them into a specialized manager of valuable infrastructures in the energy transition.”


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