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Dual Vocational Training and Continuing Education are two key factors for employment and the viability of companiesa

A long and proud history as an Apprentice, Technician, Entrepreneur, Businessman and Manager makes me an expert in the management of ambitious and complex projects in companies and non-profit organizations.

Specialized in sharing value and knowledge, I fight for the recognition and social prestige that professions and sectorial trades deserve, I have focused my capacity towards the dissemination and promotion of “Dual Vocational Training and Continuing Education” in a direct and exclusive way, through personal and organizational motivation.

Faced with a complex and changing technological reality, we must assimilate continuous knowledge as something natural for us and our teams, adopting a positive and efficient attitude.

Gone are the days of the 20th century with university degrees as the “only” value for quality employment. The present, more technological, connected and digital, requires permanent theoretical and practical training at “all” levels.

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