Discovering the ITAEB: A Beacon of Innovation and Creativity in Vocational Training

In my work as a professional training disseminator, I recently had the privilege of visiting the new VET Training Center, the “Institut de Tècniques Audiovisuals i de l’Espectacle (ITAEB)” in Barcelona. This center is emerging as the new jewel in the crown of southern Europe in the field of education and training in the creative and art industries. Destined to be a unique, multidisciplinary, inclusive and innovative reference, the ITAEB promises a bright future under the direction of Joan Pedroche and the pedagogical coordination of Roger Granel, supported by a cast of magnificent trainers.

An Innovative Vision

The ITAEB is presented as a beacon of innovation in professional training, offering an educational approach that integrates the latest technologies and methodologies in audiovisual and entertainment techniques. This approach not only prepares students for current industry challenges, but also equips them with the skills needed to lead and transform the future of the creative sector.

A Multidisciplinary and Inclusive Space

One of the most notable characteristics of the ITAEB is its multidisciplinary and inclusive nature. The center covers a wide range of disciplines, from audiovisual production to performing arts, providing comprehensive training that encourages creativity and collaboration between different areas of knowledge. Additionally, its commitment to inclusion ensures that all students, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to develop their potential and contribute to the world of art and entertainment.

Leaders of Excellence

The success of ITAEB is guaranteed thanks to the leadership of Joan Pedroche as director and Roger Granel as pedagogical coordinator. Joan Pedroche brings a strategic vision and vast experience in the management of educational institutions, while Roger Granel, with his deep pedagogical knowledge, ensures that teaching at ITAEB is of the highest quality. Together, they form a team that is committed to educational excellence and constant innovation.

A Faculty of Magnificent Trainers

The ITAEB faculty is made up of some of the best professionals in the technical, arts and stage sectors. These trainers not only have extensive experience in their respective fields, but are also dedicated to training the next generation of talent. His passion for teaching and his commitment to educational quality ensure that ITAEB students will receive a first-class education, prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the real world.


The visit to the Institut de Tècniques Audiovisuals i de l’Espectacle (ITAEB) in Barcelona has been a revealing experience. This center is destined to become a benchmark in professional training in the creative and art industries, thanks to its innovative, inclusive and multidisciplinary approach. Under the direction of Joan Pedroche and the pedagogical coordination of Roger Granel, and with a faculty of exceptional trainers, the ITAEB promises a bright future for its students and for the industry in general.

I am convinced that the ITAEB will not only make a difference in the lives of its students, but will also play a crucial role in the development and evolution of the creative industry in southern Europe and beyond. Its commitment to excellence and innovation positions it as a reference center for all those seeking quality professional training in the world of art and entertainment.


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