Well, we are not perfect!

If something resembles all of us, it is imperfection. The human being is limited by nature, and it is normal that sometimes we make mistakes. The question is not to fail or not to fail, since we will always make mistakes, but how we react to failures.

If when we make mistakes, we hold it in our face and are very hard on ourselves, we will generate nothing but frustration and pessimism. However, if in the face of failures we humbly acknowledge them and try to learn from them, our mistakes will help us grow. They will thus become opportunities for development and improvement.

Admitting our failures naturally relieves us of the pressure of always having to do everything right. We cannot ask ourselves to do everything right, neither can others ask us, nor can we ask them. None of that is human. What we can ask of ourselves is to try to do things as well as possible.

We are people, that is, limited. We can’t handle everything. Superheroes do not exist, although sometimes we think that we have to be like them, that is, perfect, without being able to make mistakes. Nothing further from reality. Please let us be human beings!

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