Innovación con Tutor Externo de FP Dual

A training aimed at the shared tutor of FP Dual company ……. (adapt that text, put in value the one that will innovate !!)

The involvement of the company was such that representatives from different departments were summoned for both sessions, such as: maintenance, administration, technical service, etc., all of them with a common objective: to continue improving the tutoring work that, within FP Dual projects, in which the company has been participating, carry out.

The training was also complemented with the assistance of representatives of the center with which it has been collaborating on this type of project, which added a quality bonus to the workshop, since the exchange of knowledge and experience was complete.

This action also served to not only acquire new knowledge, but also to value the figure of the tutor, so that the people assigned continue to become aware of the important role they have been playing within their company.

The training was a success and as a result the company and the center have agreed to continue advancing in aspects of improvement that contribute to continue making these projects an example of quality and good work.

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