Antoni Ruiz.
Promoter and promoter of Dual Professional Training.

I was born in 1966 in Badalona (Barcelona), I am married and I have two wonderful children. I am a Passionate about "Learning and Continuous Training" (for me it is the basis of the growth of Humanity).

I was fortunate to start "Apprentice Training" in adolescence in an Industrial workshopand, that happily determined my personal and professional career, due to the values ​​and personal growth that I acquired there in the 4 years that my training lasted.

I studied Vocational Training working simultaneously, until I was accredited as an Industrial Technician (CGM and CGS in FP, obtaining the Official Titles of RBT, RITE, GAS and NIA), I entered the UNED University studying Geography and History and I studied English in the UK during Erasmus stays.

At the age of 21 I founded my first company an S.L. specialized in Energy Installations, an authentic explosion of emotions, challenge and personal pride.

I expanded my professional experience in various companies in the sector and cross-sector multinationals, with more training is masters and postgraduate degrees, I met successes and failures, also learning a lot from crises.

In 1995 I joined AEMIFESA as a manager with Ambrós Martínez and Eric Martí, together we revolutionized the concept of Guild-Association, transforming an almost centennial entity into a "service provider", advice and provider of knowledge according to the 21st century, with the creation of a new headquarters of 3,900 m2 with a School-Workshop for continuous training for the accreditation of skills, training for employment and dual professional training, culminating in a unique project recognized by the sector throughout Spain.

“As long as we do not make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life, and we will call it destiny.”. Carl Jung

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