The 1st Women’s Excellence Awards at the Royal Tapestry Factory of Madrid

On June 19, I had the honor of attending and participating in the 1st Women’s Excellence Awards, a pioneering event held at the emblematic Real Fábrica de Tapices de Madrid. Organized by the ElectroEficiencia and Climaeficiencia magazines, the event brought together more than 150 people, including representatives of manufacturing, distribution, and installation companies, as well as associations, engineering companies, and organizations related to the electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration sectors.

A Meeting of Excellence

The atmosphere of the event was one of celebration and recognition, with the Royal Tapestry Factory as the perfect setting to highlight the importance and talent of women in these sectors. Prominent figures and organizations such as AFME, ADIME, AFALUM, FENIE, CONAIF, FEGECA, AFEC, AMASCAL, AEFYT, ATECYR, AGREMIA and APIEM attended.

My Intervention: The Current Events of the FP

During my speech, I had the opportunity to take the floor and share with the attendees the current situation of Vocational Training (FP) in our sectors. I highlighted the growing importance of VET as an essential route for the training of highly trained professionals, capable of facing the technological and environmental challenges of the future. I also address current and future initiatives that seek to foster gender equality and promote the inclusion of more women in these technical areas.

A Moderated and Conducted Event by Mariana Barrado Eguiguren

The event was masterfully conducted and moderated by Mariana Barrado Eguiguren, who knew how to maintain the interest and cohesion of the program, allowing each intervention to be enriching and motivating. Mariana managed to create an environment in which all participants could share their experiences and visions about the role of women in the industry.


The delivery of the 1st Women’s Excellence Awards was not only a recognition of the work of many professionals, but also an inspiration to continue working for a more inclusive and diverse sector. I feel privileged to have been part of this event and to have contributed with my vision on Vocational Training. I am confident that initiatives like this will continue to boost female talent and promote positive change in our industries.


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