Promoting Professional Training with Comastech Polytechnic Center Comas.

COMASTECH is a commitment to quality training, which can be an alternative to university studies but also an access route that gives the student more experience and knowledge of the practical world of work before entering university.

The great lack of qualified personnel in professional education is obvious to everyone.

In the technical field, generational succession is not guaranteed, the Metal sector is no exception.

The Comas Foundation was born with the aim of disseminating technology and awakening vocations, providing solutions to the problem of generational relief, giving opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion, and encouraging a change of mentality to promote gender equality and enhance capacities hitherto unknown among girls in a traditionally male sector.

Comastech works with its director Raimond Franch in strategic alliances with leading companies in the sector, with the main objective of securing a job for 100% of trained apprentices.

With Georgina Comas Vieta at the head of a leading company in its sector in Spain and Europe.

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