Professional training, quality assurance.

Benito Echeverría Samanes

We are witnessing one of the most propitious times, so that our FP can respond to the demands of the 4.0 revolution.

The diagnosis of the research on FP and its challenges and action strategies, based on the research knowledge map dRWvKBeq, carried out by our research team, show that the present future of VET in Spain, especially after the Covid-19 https: // bit .ly / 3v2v5WT, demands to promote a development system for this educational aspect, similar to that of the EU, based on research and innovation as an engine for development and equity.


A VET Law as ambitious as that of the preliminary draft under debate has to reconstruct reality through research and guidance, to obtain evidence of what is done, how it is executed, where it is developed, what it is for acts and how to improve the usual practices, within a research ecosystem, that supports VET in a culture of quality assurance

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