Dual Vocational Training in the educational system

Dual Vocational Training is a new modality within vocational training. Dual FP projects in the education system combine teaching and learning processes in the company and in the training center and are characterized by being carried out in alternation between the educational center and the company, with a number of hours or days of stay of variable duration between the workplace and the educational center.

With this new innovative modality, companies can support new organizational models of Vocational Training that are directed towards the search for excellence in the relationship of the company with VET centers and promote their Corporate Social Responsibility.

For this, through the projects developed in the Autonomous Communities, work is being done to promote a culture of Dual Vocational Training in companies and centers that manages to provide people with the specialized and versatile training required and bring the teachings of the degrees closer together. from professional training to the socio-economic reality of the labor market, thus responding to the needs for personal development and qualification of the different productive and service sectors of the autonomous and state economies.

Royal Decree 1529/2012, of November 8, which develops the contract for training and learning and establishes the bases of Dual Vocational Training, states, in its article 28, as the purposes of Vocational Training projects Dual:

a) Increase the number of people who can obtain a post-compulsory secondary education degree through vocational training courses b) Achieve greater motivation in students by reducing early school leaving c) Facilitate job placement as a result of a greater contact with companies d) Increase the relationship and co-responsibility of the business fabric with vocational training e) Strengthen the relationship of professional training teachers with companies in the sector and favor the transfer of knowledge f) Obtain qualitative and quantitative data that allow decision-making in relation to improving the quality of vocational training.

The implementation of this modality in the offer of VET teachings depends, as in all the educational offer, of each Autonomous Community.You can consult the regulations that regulate the new modality in:

Royal Decree 1529/2012, of November 8, which develops the contract for training and learning and establishes the bases for dual vocational training.
Order ESS / 2518/2013, of December 26 External link, opens in a new window, which regulates the training aspects of the training contract.

Source: Government of Spain – Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

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