BAXI takes a further step in the integration process of Hitecsa and Adisa by bringing together the 600 or so employees, in an internal session where future plans were shared

. 200 employees in an eye-catch, gathered in the Ne.polis building in Vilanova and la Geltrú (Barcelona), and over 400 connected via streaming participated in the first formal meeting of the BAXI and Hitecsa-Adisa templates, following the acquisition that the company carried out last December.
. After six months of joint work, the senior managers of BAXI and Hitecsa explained the ambitious and promising future plans ahead of the company.
. Corporate values were shared from the RMB group Thermea to which BAXI belongs.


20 June 2022

On 9 June, BAXI held the Ne.polis Technology Centre, next to the Hitecsa facility in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), an internal working session with members of Hitecsa and Adisa to share the organization’s integration plans.
The incorporation of Hitecsa into BAXI allows the market to offer a full range of weathering systems for any building. Baxi and Hitecsa will work together to promote the prescription of weathering systems, with particular attention to aerodrome, both in the residential and tertiary fields.

“Hardly working as a single team” is the main idea that broadcast Jordi Mestres, CEO of BAXI to Spain and Portugal.

They also intervened in the act Moisès S.nchez, Director General of Hitecsa-Adisa, and José Antonio Pérez, Director of the BDU Heat Pumps of RMB Thermea, who is leading the creation of the R.D Centre in Aerotermia.

They were also able to hear an emotional review of Hitecsa’s history by Olga Ramos, Financial Director and Pere Chacón, Director of National Post-Search Hitecsa, both with a long career within the company. All the assistants were able to express their concerns and questions that were answered by the rapporteurs.

To complete the act, RMB Thermea values that define the group as a united organization to promote energy transition were shared. These values aim to provide a direction for moving towards a sustainable future through intelligent solutions that provide comfort to people.


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