“AVANNUBO Mark Ambassador”

I am very happy and proud to communicate the start of a collaboration with “Avannubo.” Avannubo as the image of its corporate brand.

“Avannubo.” is a technology service company located in Barcelona with implementation throughout the peninsula. Telephone and cable power station installers since 2005, it currently offers a wide range of custom products for companies: advice on IP Telephony, Mobile Telephony, Cloud, Systems, Web, Software.

“Avannubo.” helps its clients to develop technologically, as well as improve the competitiveness and optimisation of its resources.

Currently “<Avannubo>” is experiencing significant growth thanks to personalized service and rapid, efficient and quality care.

A global provider of official IP telephony, mobile and Internet access services cover in an integral way all the technological and communication needs of companies, with custom 24H technical assistance for businesses and businesses.

More information on: http://www.avannubo.com

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